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Garland Soft Worx develops application software for both Windows and Unix/Linux desk top platforms. We also develop apps for mobile platforms running iOS, Android and Windows.

Some of our recent projects include:


Boost your brain power with facts, knowledge bits and quizzes on subjects ranging from General Knowledge to Language Arts to Mathematics to Science. ThinK! will make you smarter and improve your edge. Fun to use. Suitable for ages 7 and above.

For details, see ThinK3000



KabNow is a ride hailing service based in Dallas Texas. Current versions of the apps run on iOS and Android platforms. The backend server runs on Firebase/Firestore.

For details, see KabNow



QRCodeGen is a QRCode generator that can generate codes for URLs, email address, short text messages and more. It has built-in code scanner for converting QRCodes and UPC Codes to text. It runs on iOS and Android phones. It can interface with serverside running on PHP.



First Released in 2015, this app allows you to create personalized illustrated messages inspired by wise proverbs from all over the world, for sharing with friends and family. This is perfect for you social media networking. Along the way, discover the creativity you never knew you had. Most of all, have fun! (For children and adults alike.)

For details, see WisdomDoodlz in app store or WisdomDoodlz in Play store.

 Also checkout the Video

  AirHockey2D3D Game

This is a recent release to the app store (iOS platform). This Air Hockey game features realistic physics and exciting gameplay for the enjoyment of children and adults alike. For details, see AirHockey2D3D in app store

AirHockey2D3D YouTube video

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