Websites & Web Applications

We are fluent in PHP, HTML5, MySQL, PERL and Java scripts and Amazon's Cloud Market Place API. We have developed and deployed lots of websites and web application projects, including front end and backend (database) work.

We take your requirements and produce a well documented and fully tested product to your specifications on time and within budgets.

Some of our recent projects include:


KabNow is a ride hailing service based in Dallas Texas. We designed the entire system end-to-end, including the mobile apps and the website. Current versions of the apps run on iOS and Android platforms. The backend server runs on PHP/HTML/MySQL.


  Anchor Software Cloud

Anchor Computer Software provides Address Translation services and tools for turnkey service providers in need of address verification and geolocation for routing purposes (like USPS).

We helped Anchor interface successfully with Amazon's AWS Market Place.


  Medi-ssage Wellness

Medi-ssage Wellness specializes in Medical Massage. It employs the most effective medical massage techniques to help alleviate your stress related neuromuscular pains or illnesses and bring the body back to health and wellbeing.


  Medical Tourism Fit

Medical Tourism Fit is a Medical tourism health care and fitness delivery service with world-wide hospital affiliations. It specializes in delivering Integrative Medicine, including anti-aging medicine, stem cell therapy, aesthetics medicine and cosmetics surgery.


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