About Us

There are a few very good record labels and recording studios. Trying to get a project through some of these well establisehd houses however could be a challenge, fraught with frustrating delays and eventualities. The delays could be in the recording process, releasing the recorded material, marketing and distribution or anywhere else in the chain. To the artist, delays are some of the most frustrating factors that could derail a successful launch of a potential masterpiece. Others include poor quality recording, poor quality product packaging, and poor or ineffective marketing.

Vadan Records was formed in 2007 out of our strong belief that there is a much better way to serve the needs of the recording artists. We are full-time engineers and artists with intense love and ear for music especially music done well. (We play various instruments ourselves, including the classical guitar, flute, violin,..). We believe strongly that music has its greatest impact and is best enjoyed when it is poetically rendered. And this defines the delicate perspective that separates us from the rest.

We are committed to building the best software module per the client's specifications, quickly and cost-effectively.

We are also known for our top notch customer service culture. We listen attentively to the customer's desires, and then we deliver satisfaction. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.

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